Epiphany Innovations Ltd

Epiphany Innovations Ltd is a multiple award-winning product development company. We are passionate about great innovation, cutting edge design and the use of advanced modern materials.

Our mission is to create great products which improve lives by reducing pain and other symptoms.

Led by a practising physiotherapist with 25+ years experience, we are creating high-caliber products with unique functionality. Products that improve posture, alignment and lifestyle whilst making good sense clinically, and are also low tech, affordable and simple to use.


necksaviour was launched in May 2014 and is now sold worldwide direct from us at: www.necksaviour.com

but also by a large number of distributors worldwide.

necksaviour is our first brand to market and is fully patented, CE marked, and FDA registered. It was born out of necessity. There weren’t any suitable products on the market that Wes, being a qualified physiotherapist, could recommend to neck pain and headache patients, thus necksaviour was born.

It’s simple yet effective design is rooted from clinical experience and allows users to have a comfortable and easy to use experience whilst maintaining effectiveness.

necksaviour is part of a family of products. Soon to follow are necksaviour Pillow, necksaviour massage tools and necksaviour exercise mat and modular system.

necksaviour is a patented product (UK 2500600).